Eligible Injury Cases

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Eligible Injury Cases

Automobile Accidents

Get the cash you need while awaiting a payout for a car wreck with auto accident lawsuit funding.

Personal Injury Accidents

Keep your finances afloat while awaiting settlement for a personal injury claim with personal injury settlement funding.

Slip & Fall Accidents

Avoid financial pitfalls with slip-and-fall pre-settlement funding while you wait for your insurance company to pay up.

Worker's Compensation Funding

Worker's compensation legal funding lets you tap into funds prior to settling your worker's compensation case.

Employment & On-the-job Accidents

Fill the lost income gap with employment injury lawsuit funding that provides a needed cash injection before your settlement arrives.

Construction Accidents

Construction accident litigation funding can be a lifeline of cash if you are waiting for an insurance payout.

Motorcycle Accidents

Get money now for your motorcycle injury without waiting for the insurance company with motorcycle accident lawsuit funding.

Truck Accidents

Truck accident pre-settlement funding can help you keep your finances in line while awaiting a truck settlement payout.

Bus Accidents

Don't wait for the insurance company to settle - get money for your bus accident injury now with bus accident pre-settlement funding.

Boating Accidents

Forego the long wait for a boating accident settlement with boating accident pre-settlement funding.  

Car Accidents

Car accident settlement funding provides needed cash for car accident victims awaiting financial settlements from insurers.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accident settlement funding gives you an injection of cash to make it easier to wait on your accident settlement.

Train & Railroad Accidents

If you are awaiting settlement of a railroad or train accident, find out how railroad and train accident lawsuit funding can help.

Premises Liability Injuries

Premises liability lawsuit funding gives you a cash injection prior to settling your premises liability claim.

Product Liability Injuries

Product liability lawsuit funding gives you access to pending lawsuit proceeds to help relieve financial difficulties prior to settling with an insurance company.

Pedestrian Accidents & Injuries

Injured pedestrians can access the cash they need now while awaiting an insurance settlement with pedestrian accident pre-settlement funding.

Dog Bite Injury

Dog bite settlement funding gives the dog bite victim needed cash while waiting for a settlement from the insurance company.

Burn Injuries

Find out how burn injury lawsuit funding can help you financially prior to receiving a payout from your insurer.  

Medical Malpractice Injuries

Tap into your malpractice settlement proceeds before they arrive with malpractice injury lawsuit funding.

Maritime Law Accidents

Maritime law is a body of laws, conventions and treaties that governs international private business or other matters involving ships, shipping or crimes occurring on open water.

Class Action Lawsuits

Find out how class action lawsuit funding can relieve financial burdens while you await resolution of your class action claim.

Other Injuries

Enjoy the proceeds of your accident sooner with accident pre-settlement funding that gives you a fast advance on your pending settlement.

Scaffolding Injury Accidents

Tap into scaffolding law accident lawsuit funding to enjoy proceeds of your scaffolding accident settlement sooner.

Bicycle Accidents

Discover bicycle accident lawsuit funding to tap into your bicycle accident settlement proceeds prior to disposition of your case.

Wrongful Death Accidents

Relieve your financial burdens with wrongful death litigation funding; enjoy funds now while waiting for a wrongful death claim to settle.

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