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Info About Auto Accidents & Non-Recourse Pre-Settlement Funding

America's highways and streets can be quite dangerous; more than 1,000 people suffer life-altering injuries on the road each and every day of the year, and around 100 people die in auto accidents, according to the National Safety Council. Once injured, dealing with the at-fault party's insurance company can be time-consuming and frustrating, since the goal is to settle your bodily injury claim for the most amount possible. Waiting for a settlement can be nerve-racking, since you may be left unable to earn a living and are tempted to take whatever lowball offer is sent your way. With pre-settlement funding you can stay the course and wait out the insurance company's tactics, getting the maximum amount for your injury.

Your Injuries and Auto Accident Pre-Settlement Funding

Auto accidents often cause injuries that impact your daily life and will often leave you with problems for the rest of your life. Spinal cord, brain, and back injuries are common, and can leave you suffering in pain and force you to alter your daily activities. This can cause reduced hours at work or even the inability to work. In some instances, an auto accident causes permanent and total disability. In these instances, getting money back into your household as soon as possible is important, which is why auto accident pre-settlement funding becomes a lifeline for the injured.

How Does Auto Accident Pre-Settlement Funding Work?

When you apply for auto accident pre-settlement funding, Buckeye Legal Funding will analyze your particular auto accident details. An underwriter with experience in the claims industry reviews your case to determine its value and ascertain if your case qualifies for pre-settlement funding. There is no credit evaluation. Once you are approved, Buckeye Legal Funding will advance you a percentage of the amount of your anticipated lawsuit proceeds. The money can be used for anything you see fit; many families use it for mortgage payments, rent, utility bills, and other expenses. You repay the advance only when and if your case is settled or litigated successfully.

Getting Started with Auto Accident Pre-Settlement Funding

Auto accident pre-settlement funding provides a  much needed resource for those who find their lives torn apart in the aftermath of an auto accident. By taking a cash advance on your proposed settlement, you are better prepared to play the insurance waiting game and see your case through to its conclusion without giving into financial pressure. Find out how Buckeye Legal Funding can provide auto accident pre-settlement funding in your case to put your life back on the road to recovery.

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