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We Work With Your Lawyer to GET YOU CASH!

All you have to do is provide your attorney information and we will handle it from there. 

NO Credit Check. NO Job Required. NO Monthly Payments.

Applying for a cash advance for your accident case is easy because no job is required, we do not perform a credit check and there are no monthly payments.

We Review the Information Provided by your Attorney

We will need your attorney's office to provide certain information about your case in order to complete our Case Review.  One thing that you can do to speed things along is to contact your attorney and authorize and instruct them to provide us with the information that we have requested.

We Generate Your Advance Documents

We want your experience working with Buckeye Legal Funding to be positive from start to finish. Once you are approved, our easy to read documents clearly spell out the repayment schedule of your advance right on the first page.  We use PandaDoc, a trusted, legal e-signature solution to quickly digitally execute your documents.  

We Send Your Advance Funds.

Once you are approved, your designated Case Manager will confirm how you would like us to quickly send your advance to you. 


The best part? Pay us back only if you win your case. If not, the money is yours. Stop losing sleep at night worrying about your financial situation… Apply today.

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