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Non-Recourse Cash Advances for Injury Cases

Since 2010 we have been of providing good people like you with the cash they need to stay afloat while their pending accident case is being negotiated by their attorney.  We work hard to provide the best services to our clients possible. Apply with us and find out just what we can do for you today.

I wanted to let you know how much you guys were a lifesaver on my client’s case. She was calling desperately to settle, settle, settle because she had immediate money needs. Because of your advance she was able to wait out the few extra months tat we needed to negotiate out her settlement. It probably netted her an extra two to three hundred thousand dollars in total settlement figures.
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Cleveland, Ohio

The Buckeye Legal Funding Experience

Feeling overwhelmed?  Dealing with an unfamiliar legal system, needing to have patience through a process that seems excruciatingly long with stresses mounting every day from bills, family and more? You’re not alone. So many of our clients express the same sentiment. That’s why we are here.

At Buckeye, we want to remove the complications from at least one part of the process. We take the extra measures to help you understand how the advance process works. Just this simple explanation helps because each case is different. We set strict limits on how much we advance to each case, which you need to know in advance. We set realistic expectations which in turns helps all of our customers in their time of need.

The response to our service has been overwhelmingly positive. Both our clients and their attorneys have stated on multiple occasions not only how professional, courteous and easy the process of receiving the cash advance was… but how, in almost every case, it provided breathing room in a tight budget while the case was being negotiated. And with no risk involved if you happen to lose your case, it’s a win-win for everyone

Buckeye Legal Funding is Here to Help you get Peace of Mind.


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