Independent Professional Judgement

Recommendations for Attorneys

  • Verify that the required RC 1349.55(b)(6) disclaimer language is present.

  • Remind their clients that the Rules of Professional Conduct apply to attorneys throughout the course of representation

  • Advise their client that any attempts by the Alternative Litigation Funding provider to interfere with the lawyer’s professional judgment may require the lawyer to withdraw from representation.

  • Advise their client that the attorney will monitor the Alternative Litigation providers influence on the client and their case.

  • Review the language required by RC 1349.55(b)(6) and execute the advance document only if the advance is appropriate for the representation of the client.

  • The advance documents used by Buckeye are structured to help attorneys comply with requirements of RC 1349.55 and with Ethics Opinion 2012-03. Our goal is to make the advance process as easy as possible for attorneys, clients, and plaintiffs.

Candid Advice & Communication - Confidentiality

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