Client Confidentiality & Attorney Client Privilege

Buckeye Legal Funding does not disclose any case and/or client information regarding your case except as required by law.

  • Attorneys may provide a case evaluation to Buckeye Legal Funding, which is compatible with the attorney client relationship.

  • Attorneys should not provide any information concerning representation without their client’s informed consent.

  • Attorneys should obtain their client’s consent prior to identifying the client to Buckeye Legal Funding.

  • Attorneys should explain the risks and potential consequences of disclosing information to an Alternative Litigation Funding provider, Including the waiver of the attorney client privilege, as part of obtaining the client’s informed consent.

  • Attorneys must obtain the client’s consent if a disclosure in a case evaluation to an Alternative Litigation Funding provider will likely affect the client’s interests materially and adversely.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not request or want to receive any privileged documents.  Thank you.

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