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Do you ever have the weekly call from your clients asking if the insurance company has made an offer? For some clients, it may be more frequently than that. Choosing a non-recourse cash advance from Buckeye Legal Funding helps your clients pay basic life necessities. We are here to take the stress off of their shoulders, which should translate into fewer calls fielded about a settlement for you.

By having enough money to pay the bills, we have seen many clients avoid taking a low settlement to pay the rent or other expenses and wait out the insurance companies for full and fair compensation. Cash advances from Buckeye give breathing room to your client so they don’t come across to the insurance companies as desperate, which often results in an increased settlement figure.

Why is this Right for My Clients?

If a client is in need of immediate cash to relieve the financial pressures often associated with litigation, they should consider obtaining a non-recourse advance from Buckeye. These advances remove the pressure from your client to resolve their case before it is most ripe for settlement. We work hard to provide funds to clients when they need it most and try to make the process a painless as possible for all parties.

We are confident you will find that Buckeye Legal Funding is easy to work with. We pride ourselves on quick responses and turnarounds for the majority of our clients. Our goal is to minimize the time spent evaluating a case and get funding to plaintiffs as fast as possible. Additionally, we know that you will find that we offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry. 

If your client has needs for cash while they are waiting on a settlement from an injury case, working with Buckeye Legal Funding may be the perfect solution for your client. Our non-recourse cash advances make the most sense as compared to other, less desirable, means of obtaining cash to cover expenses such as payday lending or car title loans. The first step is to have your client apply online to get the process started.

Working with Buckeye Legal Funding:

Our goal is to make getting funds to your clients as quick, seamless and easy as possible.

At Buckeye Legal Funding, our mission is to provide our clients with the most competitive rates and the best service in our industry.

We know that your time is valuable, and by offering quality personalized service, you will see how Buckeye Legal Funding is the best choice for you and your client’s funding needs.

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