Were You Injured By a Dog?

Is Dog Bite Pre-Settlement Funding Right For You?

Waiting on a dog bite settlement can be extremely difficult, which is why pre-settlement funding makes a lot of sense for dog bite victims, which number around 4.5 million per year in the United States. If you have been bitten or mauled by a dog, you may be left with significant injuries that prevent you from working, but the insurance company is in no hurry to pay out the settlement you need to become whole again. With pre-settlement funding, you can have access to the funds you need while you wait on the insurance company to make a move.

The Seriousness of Dog Bite Injuries and Pre-Settlement Funding

Being bitten by a dog can leave you with serious medical bills. One out of every five people bitten by a dog are bitten seriously enough during dog attacks to require medical attention. Approximately 1,008 people each day go to the hospital emergency room to seek medical care for dog bite injuries. Pre-Settlement funding can help you stand on your feet financially while waiting for your insurance company to act.

Dog Bite Settlements

In 2012, there were around 27,000 dog bite victims who had to have reconstructive surgery due to dog bites. You may be due a significant award; an estimated $1 billion in monetary losses are incurred each year due to dog attacks, with average claims increasing by 55.3 percent from 2003 to 2012. Awards for medical costs, pain and suffering, disfigurement, and future lost wages are common.

Bypass the Waiting Game

Dog bite injuries can be devastating enough on their own; waiting for a dog bite settlement to come through just adds insult to injury. Insurance companies are slow to act, dragging out the process of getting you paid for your injuries, many times with the goal of low-balling you into accepting less for your injuries than you deserve. Meanwhile, your bills continue to stack up; you still have to make your car payment, pay rent, and put food on the table, even at a time when you may be least able to earn a living. Insurance companies use stalling tactics quite often because they work – many plaintiffs in dog bite cases find themselves in dire straits financially and are desperate to return to normalcy following a dog bite. For these reasons, many dog bite victims end up settling for lesser amounts just to put the whole ordeal behind them. With dog bite legal funding, there's little wait time to get monetary compensation for your injuries, so you can get on with your life.

Access Cash You Need Now with Pre-Settlement Funding

Pre-settlement funding allows you to enjoy almost immediate access to cash you need to relieve the financial burden caused by your injuries. Whether you need to meet mortgage payments, pay utility bills, or catch up on credit card payments, the money is yours to do with what you please. When you accept this type of funding, you only repay the money extended to you when your case settles or you win at court, so it doesn't put you in further financial distress with a monthly payment to make. Since repayment of pre-settlement funding is contingent on the success of your case, if you lose your case, then you pay nothing.

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