Are You Part of a Class Action Lawsuit?

Class Action Pre-Settlement Funding

Of all the types of litigation that are routed through the court system, perhaps none take longer than class action lawsuits, and litigants in these cases are often discouraged as they wait for their settlement payments to trickle in. If you are waiting for a class action settlement, then class action pre-settlement funding may be the answer to your financial dilemma. This type of non-recourse funding provides a partial advance against anticipated settlement funds, so you can get your life back on track after being wronged as a member of the class.

Timeframes for Class Action Suits and Class Action Pre-Settlement Funding

Because there is so much elbow grease required by attorneys representing plaintiffs in class action litigation, the timeframe for settlement can be lengthy. Between oral arguments and class certification hearings, the process is not a speedy one; most cases take a minimum of two years to settle, and some take far longer. Once the class action is certified by the court, attorneys must file discovery motions related to the claim, and then battle back and forth with the defense to win the suit. Since there are multiple plaintiffs and incidences of wrongdoing sometimes involved, these proceedings can be quite time-exhaustive. Non-recourse class action pre-settlement funding gives you cash you need now as an advance against your settlement while the case runs its course. If and when your class action is settled, you repay the advance. If the settlement is denied by the courts, then you do not repay the advance.

Advance Cash Payment with Class Action Pre-Settlement Funding

With pre-settlement funding for class action lawsuits, you can get access to money right away, based on the expected payout of your class action lawsuit. This money can be used for whatever you need – from rent or mortgage payments to college tuition or paying for car repairs. If your case qualifies for advance nonrecourse pre-settlement funding, a portion of your expected proceeds are given to you right away. You make no payments on the advance until the case settles, so it doesn't become a financial burden to add onto other worries.                                                                                                              

Class Action Pre-Settlement Funding Advance

Class action suits are complex and often take years to wind their way through the court system, leaving you hanging financially. Pre-settlement funding can provide a lifeline to ease the burden of waiting for the courts to approve your claim. Find out how Buckeye Legal Funding can provide needed class action pre-settlement funding for your case.

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