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Wrongful Death Pre-Settlement Funding

Wrongful death lawsuits can drag on for years, leaving the surviving family members suffering financially due to the loss of loved ones and wage providers. Many families take advantage of wrongful death pre-settlement funding to bridge the gap that's left when a provider passes away. While bills continue to mount, some families are forced into financial hardship or even bankruptcy as they wait for the proceeds of a wrongful death suit. By utilizing pre-settlement funding to ease the financial load, families are better equipped to weather the financial problems that occur when a spouse or partner dies due to the negligence of another.

The Insurance Company's Waiting Game and Wrongful Death Pre-Settlement Funding

Insurance companies delay settling wrongful death cases for as long as possible. It's in their best interests to do so, since the longer they take to settle the case, the more apt the family is to settle for a lesser amount. In wrongful death suits, stall tactics can lead to years passing by before an award is finally granted to the family of those killed in wrongful death accidents, including deaths in product liability cases, medical malpractice cases, and car accidents, among others. While awaiting an award, the decedent's family can take advantage of wrongful death litigation funding to tap into the pending lawsuit proceeds.

Getting a Settlement Advance with Wrongful Death Litigation Funding

A wrongful death litigation funding advance is a type of cash advance granted to people who have strong wrongful death claims. The amount for which you can qualify to receive depends on the case's worth. In wrongful death claims, damages are awarded based on the future loss of monetary support and loss of consortium and companionship as it effects both the decedent's wife and children. In some states, other family members may be able to file a wrongful death claim. The level of negligence resulting in the wrongful death as well as negligence by a large organization or company may also increase the monetary award the family receives.

After submitting an application for pre-settlement wrongful death funding and after your attorney provides information to an underwriter, the claimant can generally receive funding within a few days. As this funding is non-recourse funding, if the wrongful death claim receives an unfavorable decision in court, then he does not have to repay the advance.

Wrongful Death Settlement Funding Advance

Like all lawsuits, wrongful death lawsuits take a significant amount of time to work their way through the legal system. Find out how Buckeye Legal Funding can help you keep your financial house in order while you await the court's decision on your case.

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