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Personal Injury Pre-Settlement Funding

Personal injury accidents can wreak devastation in your life, but personal injury claims take a notoriously long time to settle. Insurance companies often toy with litigants in an attempt to pay them the least amount possible, leaving them in financial straits when an injury keeps them from earning a living. With personal injury pre-settlement funding, litigants can access the cash they need to pay bills while waiting for a reasonable settlement with the insurance company or while waiting for the case to be decided in court. This non-recourse funding is repaid contingent on successful litigation or settlement of your personal injury claim.

Pre-Settlement Funding for Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims include dog bite injuries, construction-site accidents, medical malpractice injuries, and injuries sustained due to defective products. Regardless of the type of injury, waiting for a settlement to make your life whole again can take some time. If you qualify for pre-settlement funding, you can receive a cash advance against your anticipated personal injury award, which can be a necessary resource if you're unable to work or have gotten behind on bills due to your personal injury.

Personal Injury Pre-Settlement Funding

Since only around four percent of personal injury claims are taken to court, insurance companies drag their feet when it comes to paying claims. The longer they make you wait, the greater the chance they can give you a lowball offer to make you "go away." With pre-settlement funding, you can have access to a lump sum of cash while you wait for the insurance company to settle your claim, making the waiting game a little less stressful.

Pre-Settlement Funding Amounts for Personal Injury Cases

To qualify for personal injury pre-settlement funding, you must submit the details of your personal injury claim along with your lawyer's contact information for consideration by an underwriter. The underwriter analyzes the case specifics and makes a decision on approval/denial. If you are approved, you can receive a percentage of your claim right away. Once you receive a settlement on your personal injury claim, you repay the pre-settlement advance with the proceeds of the award. Should your case be thrown out or if it is not settled successfully, you are not responsible for repayment of the advance, so there's no risk to you and no payments to make while your claim is pending.

Some personal injury lawsuits are settled quickly, but that's the exception, not the rule. Others can drag out for years while the insurance company squabbles over payment amounts. Find out how Buckeye Legal Funding can help you bridge the gap while you await your personal injury award with personal injury pre-settlement funding.

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