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Boating Accident Lawsuit Funding

Although boating can be a lot of fun, boating excursions can turn nightmarish in an instant. Collisions with other recreational boats or fixed objects, swamping, water ski mishaps, and grounding are all common in recreational boating and lead to injuries and fatalities on the water. The U.S. Coast Guard reports that there were 2,678 boating injuries and 610 deaths resulting from recreational boating accidents in 2014 alone. Machinery failure, weather, and other factors often contribute to boating accidents, many of which are severe enough to cause permanent disabilities and ongoing health problems. If you are awaiting a boating accident settlement, you may be on edge wondering when and if your settlement will ever be finalized. Boating accident pre-settlement funding can help ease the financial burden during this trying time.

The Long Road to Settling Your Boating Accident Case and Lawsuit Funding

Traumatic boating accidents can leave behind devastating injuries, some of which can affect the victim of a boating accident for life. Brain and spinal cord injuries, concussions, and complicated fractures caused by boating accidents can lead to numerous surgeries and months or even years of grueling physical therapy and rehabilitation. Settling your boating accident case can take a significant amount of time, since insurance companies and defendants in these cases work hard to minimize the amount of the plaintiff's payout, regardless of the personal suffering on your end. With boating accident lawsuit funding, you can access cash you need to pay bills and stay financially afloat while you await the tedious and time-consuming litigation or settlement process.

What are the Benefits of Boating Accident Lawsuit Funding?

Unlike a settlement payout, which can take several years to see through to fruition, boating accident pre-settlement funding gives you access to cash you need within days of application and approval. This funding is an advance against your anticipated insurance payout, and you repay the advance when your settlement is finalized. There are no payments due until you finalize the settlement, and if you do not win your case, you do not repay the advance. There is no credit check or employment conditions needed for approval; the merits of your boating accident case and the likelihood that you will win your case are the deciding factors in determining your qualification for funding.

How Do You Apply for Boating Accident Lawsuit Funding?

Applying for boating accident lawsuit funding is simple and fast. You provide the specifics of your case for underwriter review. Once approved, your money is delivered quickly, so you can return to some normalcy in your life and keep your finances afloat while waiting for the settlement's finalization. Find out more about boating accident pre-settlement funding with Buckeye Legal Funding now.

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