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Scaffolding Law Accident Lawsuit Funding

New York is the only state in the nation that has a scaffolding law that protects the rights of contractors and others working on scaffolding if they become injured on the job. This law affords special protection to employees who work on ladders and scaffolds, since doing so poses an enhanced risk to worker safety. If you have been injured on a scaffold or ladder, you may qualify for scaffolding law accident lawsuit funding, which is a special type of cash advance that you can receive prior to settling with worker's comp or the defendant in your case.

New York's Scaffolding Law

New York imposes strict liability on property owners, employers, and general contractors when it comes to work done using a ladder or scaffold. Under this law, the injured worker can take direct legal action against the owner of the property on which he was injured or against his employer or a general contractor if working as a sub-contractor. This means that injured parties do not have to limit their financial recovery to relief provided by worker's compensation. The state expects the owner of the property, contractors, and employers to provide strict conditions when employees work on scaffolding, and failing to do so may make them liable under the law.

How Can Scaffolding Law Accident Lawsuit Funding Help?

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration estimates that as many as 65 percent of construction workers work on scaffolds. When a scaffold fails or support materials give way, workers can fall from great heights and be severely injured or killed. If you have fallen from a scaffold, you may be unable to work and provide for your family due to your injuries. Spine and brain injuries, broken bones, fractured disks in the back, and other injuries are quite common with these types of accidents. Because of the nearly unlimited ceiling for compensation that is afforded by New York's scaffolding law, insurers pull out all stops to minimize the payout to injured scaffolding workers. This means an extended wait for you as an injured party, but scaffolding law accident lawsuit funding can help make the wait more bearable. This funding provides you with a partial payout advance that is not due for repayment until you receive a final settlement. You can use the money for paying bills, rent, mortgage, groceries, utilities, or any other financial need you may have.

Your Application for Scaffolding Law Accident Lawsuit Funding

To begin the process of scaffolding law accident lawsuit funding, fill out an application and present the details of your case. An underwriter reviews the information to determine your suitability for funding. Within a few days, you can receive your advance, which is a percentage of the total expected proceeds in your case. You do not repay the advance until you get your final settlement. If your case is unsuccessful, then you are not held responsible for repayment. Your credit does not affect the decision of the underwriter, and you can get this advance even without working. Find out the specific by contacting Buckeye Legal Funding now.

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