Hurt in a Truck Accident?

Truck Accident Pre-Settlement Funding

Truck accidents involving semi-trucks and 18-wheelers can lead to traumatic injuries that leave victims clinging to life, and the recuperative process is lengthy and difficult. Nonetheless, insurance companies work tirelessly to reduce the settlement amounts offered to victims of these types of accidents, and many are successful. All too often, an accident victim loses faith in the value of his settlement, and may accept an offer that is ridiculously low, just to return to some sort of financial normalcy following a devastating accident. Fortunately, truck accident pre-settlement funding is available to help accident victims tap into cash they need now, so they can stay the course and get the truth worth of their settlements.

Your Truck Accident Claim and Truck Accident Pre-Settlement Funding

There were 88,000 large truck crashes involving injuries in 2014, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Although each crash is unique, the injuries sustained by victims in these crashes are nonetheless devastating. Traumatic brain injuries often occur from the head and body being tossed about during the impact, and spinal injuries are frequently seen from crushing or shattering of the vertebrae and disks in the back. Burns, punctures, and fractures are also common. Rehabilitation following a truck accident is usually extensive, and sometimes multiple serious surgeries are required. Working during this recuperative period is usually not an option, which is why truck accident pre-settlement funding makes a lot of sense for many accident victims.

Truck Accident Pre-Settlement Funding Advantages

Pre-settlement funding offers a major advantage for people harmed during a big rig or 18-wheeler accident. This funding can keep your finances on track, despite you being unable to hold down a job, so you can avoid bankruptcy, foreclosure, and other detrimental financial situations. This cash advance funding also lets you relax a little while you are recuperating; not worrying and stressing about money while you attend rehab and physical therapy sessions can help you focus on getting well. Because you do not repay the advance until you receive compensation for your injuries, you don't have to worry with an added payment. This funding is not a loan, and you do not repay anything if you don't win your case.                                                                                            

Do You Qualify for Truck Accident Pre-Settlement Funding?

If you were left with a truck accident injury and are working with an attorney to receive compensation, you may qualify for truck accident pre-settlement funding. A quick application begins the review process to determine your eligibility to receive a portion of your anticipated settlement in advance of your actual final settlement. Find out how Buckeye Legal Funding can assist you with an advance on your settlement and access cash you need right away.

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