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Burn Injury Pre-Settlement Funding

Around 486,000 people are burned severely enough each year to necessitate medical treatment, and around 30,000 people are burned badly enough to need care at a hospital burn center. Recuperating from a burn injury can be a long process that negates the possibility of holding down full-time employment, but burn victims continue to need money to live on and pay their bills while they heal. Lawsuits involving burn injuries are complicated and play out slowly in the courts, which makes burn injury pre-settlement funding a viable choice for burn victims struggling with finances.

Recuperating with Burn Injury Pre-Settlement Funding

Burns can be devastating, whether it's a traditional burn from fire or flames, or the injury is caused by scalding, electricity, chemicals, or other factors. Third-degree burns come with a particularly long and difficult recovery outlook, since they affect the blood vessels and nerves. Burns can also cause complications with breathing and lead to difficult skin infections. Many people require extensive rehabilitation following burn injuries, and some require cosmetic surgery to correct disfigurements. Because of the long recuperation time, waiting for the notoriously lengthy settlement process to complete can be a nightmare for the finances of burn victims. Burn injury pre-settlement funding can become a necessity for burn victims.

Benefits of Burn Injury Pre-Settlement Funding

Burn injury pre-settlement funding is based on the probability of you winning your burn injury lawsuit. You receive settlement funds in advance of the settlement, so you can tap into needed revenue to keep your financial house in order while your lawyer fights the insurance company for a decent settlement payout. Once the insurance company settles your case, or if a jury decides in your favor, the settlement advance is taken from your proceeds. There are no ongoing payments on the advance, and should your lawsuit flounder, you are not responsible for repaying the settlement advance and owe nothing.

Qualifying for Burn Injury Pre-Settlement Funding

To qualify for nonrecourse burn injury pre-settlement funding, fill out a simple application detailing your particular case along with your attorney's contact information. A seasoned underwriter will analyze your case to determine its potential for success and make a decision about your approval. Your credit is not a factor, and you can qualify even if you are not working. Once your application is approved, your money can be forwarded to you almost immediately, helping you to fight the financial stress that follows burn injuries, so you can return to normalcy faster. Find out more from Buckeye Legal Funding now. Burn Injury Pre-Settlement Funding

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