How We Keep Our Rates Low and Our Priorities With Our Clients.

As a company, we always strive to improve our process, from how we communicate to how we make the difficult decision of how much to fund. We also strive to be as transparent as possible, and we understand that not receiving the amount asked for can be frustrating. it doesn’t happen with every case, but […]

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Not all Legal Funding Companies are created equal.

When you think of Non-Recourse Advances and Legal Funding, what exactly comes to mind; do you think “a cash advance paid back monthly”, “a high-interest payday loan” or perhaps, “a scam”? As a company that offers non-recourse advances, we tend to be inaccurately grouped with companies that actually fall into those categories. We never take […]

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What is the difference between a Payday Loan and a Non-Recourse Cash Advance through Buckeye Legal Funding?

After being struck in an accident, you may be injured, hurt and out of work. You often have bills pilling up for medical treatment, physical therapy, chiropractic care, vehicle repairs and general life expenses like paying rent or a mortgage while you are waiting to win your accident claim. You will often receive low-ball offers […]

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