Not all Legal Funding Companies are created equal.

When you think of Non-Recourse Advances and Legal Funding, what exactly comes to mind; do you think “a cash advance paid back monthly”, “a high-interest payday loan” or perhaps, “a scam”?

As a company that offers non-recourse advances, we tend to be inaccurately grouped with companies that actually fall into those categories. We never take monthly payments and are paid back only when the case is won, we only represent clients with pending lawsuits and never provide payday loans, and our interest rates are some of the lowest in the industry.

Sometimes, it can be confusing to tell the difference between us and our competitors due to their lack of transparency when it comes to rates and fees, and because of how the law works, specifically when it comes to the difference between a loan and a non-recourse advance, it’s very possible for legal funding companies to charge maximum finance rates near 100% Annually.

As a matter of fact, our largest competitor does just that. According to its website, buried in the terms and conditions, our competitor’s advances can carry as much as a 98% annual rate. If a case takes too long to settle, you could end up owing them an outrageous portion of your settlement in interest alone.

At Buckeye Legal Funding, we believe in making sure that you get the assistance you need now, while also protecting your needs in the future. Our interest rates are comparable to the highly regulated credit card cash advances, and all of our rates and fees are fully transparent on our website. Again, you only pay us back if you win, and we work with your attorney to make sure that we’re not only serving your interests in the short-term but also for your long-term recovery.

October 6, 2018

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